New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: As you gear up to start a new day of the week, don't forget to commence it by reading daily astrological predictions. It will help you in preparing for upcoming obstacles and challenges. Also, see whether stars are aligned in your favour or not.


Today you are likely to deal with a messy situation so you are advised to stay calm and practice meditation. You are advised not to start a new thing such as business, investments or job change. By the late evening, there are chances that the messy situation may be under control.


Today you are likely to feel happy and relaxed. You are going to spread positiveness and happiness around you. You are likely to spend some romantic moments with the spouse, this will enhance your bond and bring harmony to your relationship. You might take some important decisions on the professional front, so you are advised to keep calm.


Today you may be positive, happy and patient. You are likely to use this opportunity and give your best shot at the work front. Your boss might appreciate your hard work and give you incentives in terms of rewards. Health-related issues in your family are likely to be resolved.


Today you are likely to witness some mixed situations which will leave you confused. YOu are advised to don't expect anything from people around you, else they will disappoint you. You are likely to go through the self-exploration process, which will make you confident and help you face obstacles or challenges.


Today you are likely to feel detached from your responsibilities. You are likely to spend money on some worthless items, so you are advised to avoid using money until necessary. Also, read the documents carefully before signing.


Today, you are going to get blessings from elders which will make your day positive and happy. Your losses will turn into profits and your financial health will boost. Health-related issues will be resolved, however, you are advised to take good care of yourself.


Today you will get blessings from elders. Your concentration level might increase which will help you in focusing on your career. You might spend some quality times with your elders. Also, couples are likely to spend some romantic moments with their spouse that will enhance their relationship.


Today you are likely to feel inclined towards spirituality and might visit some religious place to find mental peace. You are likely to donate a handsome amount to charity and will help needy people. You are likely to complete all your projects on time and might spend some quality time with your family.


Today you are likely to feel dull, lazy and restless which will make you short temper and arrogant. You are advised to keep yourself calm and practice meditation for mental peace.


Today you are likely to get incentives from your boss for your hard work. This will enhance your respect and status in the office. A short work-related trip is on your card. Some good news is on its way from siblings that will enlighten your day.


Today is a good day. You are likely to help needy people. People around you will seek your help in form of advice, this will increase your status in the eyes of family and friends.


Today you are going to witness mood swings that will affect your work efficiency. So you are advised to keep yourself calm and practice meditation. Also, avoid taking important decisions.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv