New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: A new day brings hopes and expectations with this it also brings a new set of opportunities and challenges. So if you are wondering how your day is going to be, have a look at your daily astrological predictions you plan accordingly. Here check whether stars are aligned in your favour on not.


Today, you are likely to get the help of your subordinates in completing your pending task at the office. Good news is on its way to brighten up your day. You may spend some quality time with your spouse, this will enhance your relationship.


Today you may feel emotional, this is likely to help you in many ways. However, you are advised to be careful while having a conversation, else you might face some serious consequences. Students are advised to maintain their focus and are required to work hard.


Today you may have a fight with a sibling which will have its own consequences. you are advised to stop taking risks otherwise it will not just impact your professional life but also your personal.


Today you may be busy at work. Boss will recognise your potential and is likely to give you new responsibility. However, you may be a bit hesitant to take it up. Today you are advised to donate something to needy people.


Today, your boss will praise you for your excellent work and might reward you in terms of promotion. You are advised to take good care of your spouse as some health issues might occur which will make you tense.


Today, love birds are advised to take advice from their family member if needed as it might give you clarity. Also, avoid getting into a relationship today. A relationship with a spouse will enhance and will bring harmony.


Today you are likely to complete all your task at work. However, your concentration might cause you some problem so be careful. Some good news is on its way to brighten up your parenthood. You are likely to spend some quality time with your siblings, spouse and parents.


Today you may connect with your closed ones to seek their help in some serious situation. Your old problems might get end. You are likely to feel ambitious today, so make the most out of this opportunity.


Today, you are likely to face some serious choices in your career. So, if you want to overcome this situation, you will have to put in more efforts. You are likely to meet an old friend or an acquaintance.


Today, parents might face some dispute with their kids. You are advised to handle this matter calmly and try to resolve it as soon as possible with peace and harmony.


Today, your conflicts with your lover might get resolved and increase closeness between the two. You are advised to practice patience and keep yourself calm as the atmosphere of your house might get fierce due to some family issues.


Today, your professional and personal life will be harmonious. You are likely to meet an old friend. Students are advised to work hard to achieve good marks in exams.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv