New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Its a fresh day and finally its the last day of the week. So, start your day by reading your daily astrological prediction to know whether the stars are aligned in your favour or not. Also, it will help you in planning your day for a happy and smooth run. Here check out your March 21's predictions.


Today is not a good day as you may feel restless and lazy. Also, you might face some health issues so you are advised to take good care of yourself and avoid fast foods. The whole day you might feel tired hence you are likely to commit some silly mistakes while working at home.


Today you may be busy in your personal life. there will be a lot of things to do but you might not be able to manage them. So you are advised to make a to-do list to complete all your task on time.


Today you may be successful in fulfilling your responsibilities. You are likely to help your spouse in household chores, this will enhance your bond and will bring harmony to your relationship. Also, you are likely to buy some artefacts to decorate your home.


Today you are likely to spend some quality time with your family. Those who are planning to complete their pending task at the office might get some help from colleagues.


Today, you might be busy with festivities. You are likely to witness a harmonious relationship with all your family members. You are likely to spend some romantic moments with your spouse which will increase your bond.


Today all the messy situations will be under control. You are likely to help people who will come up to you for advice. You are advised to be more organised and disciplined.


Today the health of your parents might improve. Dispute with sibling or friend might get resolved. You are advised to take decisions carefully and thoughtfully otherwise the consequences will be bad. You are likely to get the support of your family in tough times.


Today, for all the lovers who want to express their love then this is the best day to confess. However, you are advised not to work in haste otherwise things might go haywire. You will get the blessing of elders which will turn fruitful in future.


Today you are likely to be tense regarding some emotional issues in your personal life. So, you are advised to avoid picking up arguments. Also, keep your mind calm and practice meditation.


Today you may feel restless and disappointed as people are not going to understand your worth because of this you are likely to feel a little less of yourself. So, you are advised to have patience as it might turn out fruitful.


Today, you are likely to get some important news. You might complete all your important tasks on time. This will uplift your mood and you are likely to be happy throughout the day.


Today, all the love birds are advised to keep the formality, ego and arrogance at bay, else, it might ruin your relation. You are likely to get some support from your spouse in making tough and important decisions.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv