New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The movement of planets play a very important role in our lives. The placement of a particular planet in Vedic astrology can lead to positive and negative results. In our daily astrological forecast, we provide you the insights related to health, education, jobs, relationships, among others. The horoscope details can be used to make the right choices and make our day successful by keeping ourselves in alignment with astrology. Wish to know if stars are in your favour today? check details below:

Aries: You will be able to get the support of your partner or in-laws. Negligence towards work may lead to a problem. You will take an interest in religious activities.

Taurus: Ego could strain your relationship. You will be able to seek co-operation from your father or a higher officer. Travel conditions will be annoying.

Gemini: Creative efforts could prove meaningful. Negligence towards health can be painful. Do not go out if not necessary. Your hard work will be recognised by your team.

Cancer: Married life will be fruitful. There could be some family and business complications. Opponents may try to hinder your growth but fail in their motives.

Leo: Avoid any unncessary travel. Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde in your zodiac, which could cause harm.

Virgo: Take care of your health. Father or higher officer will support you in your acts. Married life will be fruitful. Business will flourish.

Libra: Financial situation may improve. Avoid any unnecessary expenses. Spouse will support you in future endeavours.

Scorpio: Pay attention to your health. Do not burn candles at both ends. A relative may cause stress.

Sagittarius: The placement of Ketu in your zodiac is conjunct with Sun and venus. Pay attention to social distancing. Avoid physical contact.

Capricorn: You will be full of hope. Your economic situation will improve. But, Sade Sati of Saturn may lead to some disruption.

Aquarius: Be careful while driving. Mars is in your zodiac sign. It would be beneficial to control anger and emotion.

Pisces: Economic crisis may increase. Do not get into an argument with family or friends. Pay full attention to your work.

Posted By: James Kuanal