New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Each day brings a new opportunity for us! However, we always need to prepare for the coming day well in advance so that we are able to tackle all the situation and that’s where astrology helps us! So if you want to know how your day will pass, check it out here:  


It will be a lovely day for you. You would like to spend your day with your life partner and share your concerns with him or her. This will make you feel happy and relaxed. However, keep focusing on your work.


You are advised to take care of your health today as the stars are not looking favourable for you. You are also requested to control your anger as you might face some issues with your subordinates and colleagues at the office.


It is going to be a brilliant day for you, especially if you are a students and waiting for your exam results. Keep focusing on your work and continue the hard work. Results will be in your favour.


You need to be a bit careful and vigilant today as the position of the stars is not in your favour. Be calm and consult with your seniors and family members before making a decision. Be cautious about your health.


You will get the much-needed support from your colleague and seniors today at the office. This will help you to complete a pending task. Family life will be peaceful.


The change in the position of Jupiter will be beneficial for you as your financial condition will improve soon. However, don’t rush for anything and wait for the right opportunity.


Don’t forget that making a decision with sentiments is harmful. So be calm and share your problems with others. You are also advised to take care of your health.


It will be a very busy day for you. However, your seniors will notice the hard work you have been doing in the last few days and will reward you for it. However, control your anger and sentiments.


You might face some issues at the office today. Be calm and don’t get disappointed over small issues. The stars say that your financial condition will improve today.


You might face some problems today. However, don’t worry as your family members will stand with you and help you tackle the situation. Be careful while making a new investment.


Don’t run for anything and be calm! The day is favourable for you but you are advised to show some patience. You will get a good news by the end of the day.


You will get the much-needed support from your life partner today. This will help you complete a pending task. Your reputation at the office will also increase. However, take care of your health.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma