New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: A new day brings new opportunities and new challenges in a person’s life. Sometimes, it gets difficult for us to understand and face the challenge life has brought and we feel helpless. That’s where the astrology helps a person. By knowing what the stars have in store for you, you can be prepared for the challenges in advance and face them. So, if you want how your day will pass, check your astrological predictions here.  

Aries: The efforts that are going towards fulfilling the responsibility of the children will be successful. There will be an unprecedented success in economic matters. Creative efforts will flourish.

Taurus: There will be a pleasant change in family matters. The opponent will be defeated. Venus being strong will strengthen the relationships. Family life will be happy.

Gemini: The effort made will be meaningful. Gifts or honours will increase. The creative effort will prosper. Help will be given from ruling administration.

Cancer: There will be a commercial success. The economic side will be strong. The responsibility of the child will be fulfilled. Be aware of an eye or abdominal disorders. Family support will be available.

Leo: Support will come from a female officer, but family tension may come. There may be something which is not in your interest. Worship God

Virgo: Money will be spent. Family matters will remain concerned. There will be an unprecedented success in the field of education competition. The business plan will be successful.

Libra: The field will be effective. Relationships will be strong. You will get commercial success. You will get success in seeking cooperation from others. Creative efforts will flourish.

Scorpio: There is a need to be health-conscious. There will be support from mother or female officer. Use caution when driving.

Sagittarius: Professional reputation will increase. Governance will cooperate with power. You can get support from the maternal side. The much-awaited work will increase confidence.

Capricorn: You may feel stressed due to your spouse. Be aware of health and prestige. Take care in the matter of livelihood. Think before making any decision.

Aquarius: Married life will be happy. Will get good news related to children. Constructive efforts will prosper but do not be careless about health.

Pisces: Business matters will progress. Travel conditions may occur. Be aware of disease or antagonists. Control your anger and worship God. 

Posted By: Talib Khan