New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: A fresh day brings with itself a series of opportunities and challenges, so if you want to grab hold of these opportunities then, scroll down to have a look at your astrological predictions. It will help you in knowing whether the day is in your favour and what challenges you might face on the road to success. So instead of waiting and wondering, have a look at what the day has in store for you.


The dullness and laid back attitude may have an impact on your work efficiency. However, if you enjoy your work, then best seems to be in store for you.


Beware of worthless spendings today as you are likely to spend money on the things or services you want than you need. You are likely to complete all your task on time and this will increase your status in the office.


The ooportunities await at work for you to improve your style of work in the most productive ways that exist. At the end of the day an old dispute may get resolved.


At home, the things seem to be under control in an atmosphere much positive than the recent days that passed by. Keep your important belongings at a safe place. A romantic evening with your love interest seems underway today.


The challenges will be out there but you are likely to solve them wisely. Not just that you will help your colleagues and subordinates in completing the project. Romance wise, it'll be an ordinary day with nothing special in store.


Today, you might commit some silly mistakes in the project but by focusing you can avoid this and achieve the deadline of submission. You are likely to get your siblings support.


It's a day that appears to be spiritually inclined as visit to a religious place seems likely. Respect and status in society will increase. You might also meet an old acquaintance before the end of today.


Today you are advised to not make any decisions emotionally. Think wisely before taking any big step. Also, don't let anything affect your focus at work because a silly mistake in the project can cause your job.


Today, students are advised to wander less and focus on their studies exams are right around the corner. If you are dealing with your kid's problem then handle it patiently. Professionally the beginning of the day seems to be a fruitful one.


Among the old-aged people, old health issues might come out of blue. You might have to worry about finances due to immense spendings. At the same time, a romantic outing seems likely today.


Today, you are likely to solve other's issues and help them overcome their fears. This will increase your respect and status. You might attend a religious event happening around you.


Today, all your pending works might get complete with the help of your seniors. A day for working women, the girls at work might achieve what they thought was unachievable before.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma