New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Every zodiac signs have their own characteristics that define a person's personality and helps them to relate to it. Daily horoscope helps us in defining how our day will pass as the position of stars can affect your daily life. Thus knowing things beforehand can help us to plan the future and prepare you for the challenges.

As we have entered the New Year 2021 find out how your first day will pass, check it out here:


Today is not a good day as you may have detachment with the responsibilities you have given. You are going to waste money in buying worthless stuff. You are advised to keep a close eye on your opponents otherwise, you may be a victim of a conspiracy.


Today is a good day as you are blessed by the moon. You are going to enjoy your life to the fullest whether it's at the office or with family. Today you might find new sources of earnings, which will boost your savings.


Today is a good day at work as you are going to enjoy it and might get rewarded for your hard work. Your social respect will increase now. Today, chronic health issues related to your parents may be cured now.


Today you are going to find satisfied at work. You may plan for a short work-related trip. Your elders will help you in showing the right path, which may give you clarity in regarding your goals.


Today you are going to feel low so, you are advised to keep your mind calm before any action. Also, avoid going on adventure tours.


Today you are in a good mood as your personal life will be at peace and harmony. You might meet influential people, who may help you to get some benefits in your professional life. You are likely to perform well at work.


Today you will be in a good mood which will help you in focusing your goals at work. Your boss might get happy with you, which will help you in getting some important responsibilities at work.


Today you may find yourself more intellectual which will encourage you in gaining knowledge. You might control your short temper, which may help you to perform your task smoothly. You are likely to spend money on love once.


Today, you are going to feel negativity around you. You might find your responsibilities as a burden. You are bound to make silly mistakes. Today is not a good day at work as your working efficiency might get slowed down.


Today you might hear good news from your sibling. You are going to spend your time with family and friends. You might start new partnerships with the family members, which will be beneficial in future.


Today, you are going to feel happy and peaceful which will help you in working efficiently in your professional life. You are advised to take proper rest to maintain your enthusiasm.


Today, you are going to feel mixed emotions. You might plan for higher studies to groom your career. You are advised not to expect much today as it might affect your emotional attachment with the spouse.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv