New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Every sign has its own characteristics that not just define their personality but also helps a person to relate to their sign. Know your zodiac sign and how it's going to behave every day helps you to prepare yourself for the issues or challenges in your life. This is where astrology comes in as it defines your everyday life and gives a chance to prepare for the day in advance!

So if you want to know how your day will pass, check it out here:


Today you might feel healthy and merry as you are blessed by a moon. Chronic health issues may be cured now. You will repay your debts and money which are stuck somewhere are likely to be recovered.


Today you are going to find yourself at peace. You are advised to grab the opportunity coming your way without a second thought as today you may become decisive. Job aspirants may likely get a suitable job.


Today you are going to feel low throughout the day and this will affect both your personal and professional life. You might not be able to fulfil your commitments and this will affect your prestige. Internally you may feel a lack of confidence, which may stop you from doing something creative at work.


Today you are going to be enthusiastic. Your focus towards your goals may be very good which will help you in achieving targets. Short work-related trips are on your card, this will give you benefits in the near future.


Today you are going to feel happy as you are blessed by the moon. You will plan to invest more capital into the family business, which will increase your business in the near future. Some good news in your family is on the way, which will fill your personal life with happiness.


Today you are going to feel happy and your health will also be good, which may give you inner strength and self-confidence. Your social prestige is likely to be increased. With the help of good karma, destiny may help you to start some creative and innovative task.


Today you are going to feel unhappy and disappointed, so, you are advised to control your arrogance, otherwise, it will affect both your personal and professional life. Also, today avoid long trips, rash driving and yourself away from oceans or bay areas.


Today your mind is at peace. You are likely to enjoy some romantic moments with your spouse, which will enhance harmony in personal life. You might expect to get an ample amount of opportunities at work and you might notice some progress in your life.


Today is a good day at work. You may be able to implement your plans with the help of your strong network. You are likely to get a big order today and credits go to your hard work. Your boss may appreciate your hard work.


Today you are at peace unlike last day, a messy situation is under control. You are going to complete your postponed works and also you might get rewarded for your hard work. You are going to witness some gains in your business which will boost your financial health.


Today you are going to feel low as your health will not be upto the mark. This will affect your profession and personal life. You are advised to keep your self calm and composed as your patience may be tested many times.


Today you are going to feel happy and merry as you are blessed by the moon. On the professional front, you might make quick decisions. In terms of business, you may expect to get new opportunities, which may boost your confidence level.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv