New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: If you are wondering how your day will be then scroll down below and have a look at your daily horoscope. It will help you in planning out your day accordingly.

Aries: You will get the support of the concerned officer or the head of the family. The responsibility of the child will be fulfilled. You will get success in creative work.

Taurus: Family prestige will increase. Gifts or honors will increase. You may remain stressed because of your spouse. Work with patience. There is a need to be health conscious.

Gemini: You will get support from your siblings, but there may be tension from a family member. You will become more religious. Avoid heated arguments with others. 

Cancer: You will take interest in social work. There will be financial growth. Take care of your health as you may easily get cold. 

Leo: There is a need to control your emotions. Married life will be happy. Take care of your health. Expected progress will be made in the work done with intelligence.

Virgo: There may be tension in married life. The responsibility of the child will be fulfilled. Business engagement will increase. You will also form new relations.

Libra: The responsibility of children will be fulfilled. Relationships with others will be sweet. Be careful while driving as there is a fear of accidents. 

Scorpio: You will get support from a female officer. Married life will be pleasant. It is advised for you to become more religious. Work done with hard work will bring desired results.

Sagittarius: Do not take risks in financial matters as it will prove fatal for you. You will get the support of your spouse. Take care of your health.

Capricorn: Financial situation will improve, but there will be tension in personal relationships. You may have heated arguments with your father. Keep restraint on your speech. Be patient.

Aquarius: Be health conscious. If you are a student, then you have to be more attentive towards your education. People will witness financial gains.

Pisces: You may remain worried due to your children’s education. You will get the support of a female officer. Family prestige will increase. The economic side will be strong. You will get the support and companionship of your spouse. 

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen