New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Astrological predictions helps a person in knowing the future and overcoming challenges that are likely to bring hindrance in achieving success. So here we are with the daily horoscope that will help you in facing obstacles today.


Today is a busy day in your personal life because you are likely to sort some family issues and may make some important decisions. You are advised to watch your words otherwise you might end up picking up some arguments with family.


Today is a good day as you are likely to get a big order in your business, which will boost your business, in near future. You may get some new responsibilities at the work front, which will keep you busy. On the personal front, understanding with your better half might be improved, which will bring harmony in the family life.


Today you may feel dull, restless and anxious because you might face some health issues. So you are advised to meditate to keep your mind calm, also avoid rash driving and long-distance travelling.


Today you are likely to get blessings from your elders which will keep you in a merry mood. You might get profits from your investments. Your savings might also boost your bank balance. On the personal front, your issues related to teeth throat, nose or ear might get resolved today.


Today is a good day as you are blessed by elders. You are going to find yourself focused on the work front as you'll be patient. You are likely to meet some influential people who might help you on the professional front. Your parent’s health will improve, also you might spend some quality time with them.


Today you might find yourself inclined towards spirituality. You might also visit some religious places where you might donate some amount. You are likely to feel some divine power around you, which might help you in some unpredictable situations.


Today you are likely to face your hidden fear which might make you feel dull and scared. So you are advised to meditate to keep overcome this situation. Around late evening you might feel relaxed as with the help of the elder's blessing you are likely to come out of the messy situation.


Today is a busy day at work. Your network is likely to get increased and with the help of it, you might get some big orders on the professional front. In terms of business, you are likely to get some investments that will boost the growth of your business in future. In your personal life, your emotional relationship with your loved one might get improved.


Today you might find yourself in a self-analysis state, which will help in boosting your confidence. Also, you might achieve your goal as you are going to find yourself focused on your goals.


Today you are likely to renovate your workplace or home with the help of your creativity. You will be focused towards your goals. Today is a busy day at work and overworking may tire your mind. It might make you feel, restless, anxious and stressed, also this might affect your personal life.


Today you are likely to lose your cool as people around you might not cooperate, which will make you feel dissatisfied and impatient. You are advised to read all documents carefully before signing.


Today you are likely to find yourself enthusiastic and focused. On the work front, your colleagues may help you with a new project. You are likely to go on a short trip related to some family issues.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv