New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Knowing about your future can make your daily plans successful. Astrology offers us interesting and accurate insights about how our day will pass. They can also help us prepare for the day as the placement of our stars play a big role in what happens in our life and thus knowing the astrological predictions for the day becomes important. So read here to check out what’s in store for you today:

Aries: Today will be a happy day for you. Your professional, as well as your personal life, will witness good news during the day. Your relationship with your spouse will also get better. Stay health-conscious.

Taurus: You are expected to have a good day at your workplace. Professional life will get better. You are also expected to hear good news from your spouse. Avoid negativity to enjoy the day.

Gemini: You can achieve the desired success in your profession with dedication and hard work today. With the help of a friend, difficult works can be completed. Do not sign any documents without having proper read.

Cancer: Your reputation in your family will witness an increase today. Ongoing efforts in the field of livelihood will be successful. Help will be given from ruling administration. Do not leave any work incomplete today.

Leo: Despite the mixed effect in the property, there is hope to benefit in the profession and economic matters today. Activeness has to be increased in the professional field. Do not ignore the feasibility in the schemes.

Virgo: Today the time will be favourable for those doing business in partnership. There is also a possibility of change in the field. Do not be negligent in the use of vehicles etc. today.

Libra: You can feel comfortable during the job. There will be mobility in income or wealth. A new contract can also be found. Do not take any decision in haste.

Scorpio: Today it will be a happy day for you. A trip with friends and relatives are on the cards. Do not let your concentration be disturbed. You may also visit some religious place for seeking peace.

Sagittarius: You can start work on new projects. There is a possibility of the desired improvement in income. Today guests can arrive at home. Do not use strong language in dialogue.

Capricorn: It will be a good time for lovers. Efforts will have to be accelerated to improve the professional life. Do not invest in shares etc. today.

Aquarius: You will find the solution to your problems related to property. Religious feelings will increase. You will also get interested in yoga. Do not be part of any kind of debate today.

Pisces: The hurdles in your professional field will automatically go away. There is a possibility of a job transfer. The economic situation will improve. Do not argue with your seniors today.

Posted By: Talib Khan