New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Astrological predictions help in knowing about challenges or opportunities we are likely to face in future. So if you are wondering how your day will be then, scroll down below and have a look at your daily horoscope. It will help you in planning out your day accordingly.


Today is a good day as you may feel confident. On the health front, you will be in good shape which will keep your mood merry throughout the day. However, you are advised to watch your words, else your harsh words might hurt elders around you.


Today you are likely to have a great day. You will get the support of your parents or spouse. Also, there will be a pleasant atmosphere at home. However, you might experience some pain in your feet so you are advised to avoid excess walking.


Today with the help of your intellectual abilities and positive approach, you may overcome shortcomings. On the work front, things will remain pleasant.


Today your creativity will be at its peak. You may plan to renovate your home or office. You are advised to not bring family tensions into office, else you won't be able to complete your task on time.


Today you may struggle with a lack of willpower, which can impact you both mentally and emotionally. So you are advised to stay calm and practice meditation. It's a good day to invest as it might turn out profitable in near future.


Today you are likley to get opportunities regarding the partnership. However, you are advised to think wisely before coming to any conclusion. On the health front, you can be a victim of stress.


Investments related to the purchase or sale of land might turn out profitable. Today, you may meet an influential person who will be beneficial in near future.


Today, all the members of your family are likely to be busy at work. However, there will be a pleasant atmosphere. Students will have a good day on the academic front.


A short trip related to work is on cards, which will turn out successful. Today, new sources of income will be discovered, which will help in boosting financial health.


Today you are likley to complete all your office work from home. On the business front, work related to media, public dealing and marketing will be profitable.


On the business front, you are likely to implement innovative ideas to boost the liquidity of your business. Salaried folks will get some reward based on their hard work. Also, your prestige in the office might increase.


Today, you are advised to work cautiously when finalising a deal. Think twice before coming to any conclusion, else one wrong decision can harm you in future.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv