New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: It's Good Friday! Wondering how it will be then, start your day by checking out your astrological prediction which will help you in overcoming all the challenges and obstacles you might face today. Also, it will help you whether the placement of stars are in your favour or not.


Today, you may feel happy and relaxed. You are likely to spend some romantic moments with your lover or spouse, this will enhance your relationship and boost harmony. You are likely to complete all your task at work on time.


Today, you are likely to feel healthy and happy. You might get your stuck money back. Your rivals and opponents will be under control. Your boss might appreciate your work and reward you with new responsibility.


Today, you may feel mixed emotions. You are likely to be busy in your personal life. Couples might plan for a baby. Those who are working are likely to complete all their tasks on time.


Today, you may feel dissatisfied and disappointed with your work at the office. This will keep you from enjoying your day thoroughly. It's not a good time to invest, so you are advised to postpone the plan of investments.


Today, you are blessed by the moon. You may feel happy, relax and confident, this will give you the courage to take tough decisions at work. You are likely to expand your network by attending a social gathering. Disputes with siblings over property will resolve.


Today your personal life will keep you busy. You are likely to spend money on some artefacts and creative stuff to decorate your home. This might also increase your status in society.


Today, you are blessed by the moon. You are likely to make good plans and might implement them too. You are advised to read all documents carefully before signing. You may feel confident and relaxed.


Today, you are likely to face some health issues. This will make you restless and anxious. You might waste precious time and money on worthless things. So you are advised to control yourself otherwise it will affect your financial health.


Today, you might not be able to focus on work initially, however by the middle of the day you will regain your focus and end the day on a good note. Your losses will convert to profits, this will enhance your financial health.


Today, you might get a big order from overseas which will boost your business and enhance your financial health, You are likely to meet some influential people, this will expand your network and they might helo you in future.


Today you might feel impatient but the blessings of elders will help you overcome it. You may find yourself inclined towards spirituality and might visit some religious place.


Today, your old health issues will crop up which will make you dull and restless. YOu are advised to stay calm and practice meditation. Also avoid rash driving.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv