New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Finally we made it to the end of the week successfully. It's that time of the week when everyone is relaxing at home or completing all the piled up household work. However, there are some who have to go to the office or look after the business. Now if you are wondering how your day is going to be then here we have brought you daily astrological predictions which will help you plan your day accordingly.


Today, take good care of your parents and spouse health. Those living in the joint family might have to face separation. So stay calm and patient while discussing this matter.


Today, you are likely to spend some quality time with your spouse which will enhance your relationship and bring more harmony. You are advised to not take mental stress as it might affect your blood pressure.


Today you might get good news either related to professional or personal life. You are advised to devote some time to your business rather entangling in household matters.


Today, you are advised to spend in limit else you might face some financial issues by the end of the day. Try to seek the help of some politician if you are in some grave problem.


Today, you are advised to be polite when talking to relatives. This will increase your respect and status in the family. Also, take good care of your grandparents and parents health. Don't avoid even they are suffering from a cough. Do meditation and yoga to release stress and mental peace.


Today, you might crack a big deal which will be very beneficial. Maintain your working system as it will bring more fortune in future. Also, you are likely to make new contacts that will be beneficial in near future.


Today, business people are advised to maintain transparency in the partnership as it will help your business and confusion between the two will also ward off. Cooperate with employees to maintain cordial relations.


Today you are advised to stay away from negative people as they may bring harm to your business image. Also, don't take an important decision in a haze, consult a qualified person before announcing your decision.


Today, some auspicious function such as wedding, mundan, etc will be organised in the family. You are going to be happy and enjoy your day to the fullest. You are advised not to bring ego and anger into your married life as it will harm your relation.


Today, you are advised to not let people distract you, stay focus and achieve success. Also, before starting with any new project, first, chalk out a proper plan. Make full use of time.


Today, you are advised to make full use of time and don't waste it sleeping on binging on movies. Also, don't spend too much time outside as it might create physical stress.


Today, you are going to witness a please atmosphere at work. Your business is likely to go on smoothly. However, you might have to face some delay in the results. Good news is waiting for you in your professional life.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv