New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Astrology can help you find solution of a lot of your daily problems and help us prepare for all the upcoming events in the day. So read here to know what’s in store for you today, according to your zodiac sign:


The stars are suggesting that you will travel to far places today with either your friends or family. Love life will be good and smooth and your life partner will support you. Financially the day will be good.


You might face some problems in the day but you will be able to overcome them. Your life partner might take advantage of your emotional behaviour. However, stars will help stay positive throughout the day.


It will be a favourable day as your family, friends and even your boss will support you. You will be very successful on the professional front today. However, you are advised to control your speech as your harsh words might cause problems.


You need to be very carefull about relationship today. You should try to find the problems and find their solutions. You might also get a bit emotional today. Take care of your health.


It will be a calm and peaceful day. You will be a happy mood and there are chances that you will get a good news. You will also look for a new job. Friends and family will support you.


Professionally, it will be great day. You will be able to complete all your tasks before the deadline which will impress your seniors but take care of your health.


It is going to be hectic day. Stars indicate that your some relatives might give you a surprise visit. Relationship with life partner will increase. Avoid caution while driving.


It will be a favourable day for you. You will get your stalled money back. Stars indicate that you be inclined in religious and cultural activities. At work, your seniors will be impressed by your dedication.


Today you will spend most of your time with your family. You will also get some new opportunity on the professional front. You will stay emotional throughout the day.


If you are single and looking for a partner, then the stars indicate that you will be able to find that special someone today. Your mind will stay and calm and peaceful. People at the work place will support you.


You will get new opportunties today. Business will increase and professional life will be good. Friends and family will support you and your seniors will get impressed with your dedication.


It is going to be a normal day. You will get your stalled money back. Professionally, your colleagues will lend a hand and help complete a stalled project. You can also try to improve relationships as the stars are favourable.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma