New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The festival of colours, Holi is here and, it is a festival that is vibrant and brings people together. On this day, people celebrate Holi by smearing gulal. However, yes COVID-19 did affect the celebrations and large gatherings, but it was not able to dampen the spirit of the festival of colours. But, you can still enjoy this festival of colours without even playing with colours. Want to know how? Read on to know how you can do it.

Have a digital party

So COVID-19 technically means physical distancing and not social distancing. Therefore, don't just restrict your zoom calls for official meetings and meet your loved ones online and celebrate Holi from a distance. 

Play games

All thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown people took out their long lost board games and even played cards. So, now you know that you have to do with the people in your house. However, if you don't have people at your place then online gaming is always an option. Eventually, a festival is all about happiness at the end of the day. 

Have a watch party

Sadly COVID-19's wrath has affected the footfalls in the movie theatres too. So, just turn your home into one and collect your family in the living room to watch your favorite film. You can opt for a Holi one too!

Shop online

Well, we know this option is always open but you barely get the kind of discounts you do during festivals. Isn't it? So, since culturally it's a ritual to shop for new things during the festival, you have all the market on your fingertips to do so. Also, as per researches shopping is a great therapy.

Shut off your internet

No, it's not as boring as it sounds. A digital detox is what people need at this time as mostly everyone are on their phones. taking some time off from the online world and investing it in your 'me' time would be a great option. Also, shutting off your net will save you from unwanted FOMO especially during Holi. 

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal