New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Every year, Holashtak falls on the Ashtami tithi of Phalguna month, Shukla Paksha and continues till Purnima, that is, Holika Dahan. Consisting of two words Holi and Ashtak (eight), Holashktak is observed eight days before the Holi festival. This year the day is falling on March 21, Sunday and will conclude March 28, Sunday. As the day is here, we have brought you the shubh tithi and other significant details.

Holashtak 2021 Date & Time

This year, Holashtak will start on March 21, Sunday and will conclude on March 28, Sunday.

Holashtak 2021 Tithi Timings

The tithi will begin at 7:09 am on March 21 and conclude at 9 am on March 22.

Holashtak 2021 Significance

As per Hindu belief, Holashtak is considered inauspicious, therefore, no auspicious ceremonies such as child naming, Grah Pravesh, marriage, Bhoomi pujan or any other functions are not held during this period. As per Hindu texts, it is an ideal period for performing penance. Also, people should avoid purchasing a vehicle, land or home during this period.

As per Hindu mythology, on this day, Kama Devta was burned down to ashes by Lord Shiva. However, after Kama Devta's wife Tati performed penance for eight days, Lord Shiva brought back her husband's life.

As the story goes, Kama Devta was compelled to distract Lord Shiva from his deep sadhana (meditation) by Devi Parvati. She pleaded with the lord Kama for his help in drawing his attention from Vairagya to Grihastya. Therefore, when Lord Kama aimed a flower arrow at Lord Shiva, the latter opened his eyes in rage and burned down Lord Kama with his third eye. It was Rati's intense prayers that compelled Lor Shiva to bring Lord Kama back to life.

This festival is celebrated mainly in North Indian regions such as Punjab, Bihar, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, among others.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv