Hindi Diwas 2022: What Is The Difference Between Hindi Diwas And World Hindi Day

Hindi Diwas is observed annually on September 14. World Hindi Conference is celebrated once every three years on January 10.

By Prerna Targhotra
Tue, 13 Sep 2022 05:30 PM IST
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Hindi Diwas 2022: What Is The Difference Between Hindi Diwas And World Hindi Day
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Hindi is the most prominent and official language of India. It is the mother tongue of around 180 million people and the second language of around 300 million people. India is a diversified country with miscellaneous cultures and languages. In 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted Hindi as the Official language of the country and after a year in 1950, it was declared the National language of the country. Since then, September 14 is celebrated as Hindi Diwas throughout the country.

It is a historically momentous occasion as Hindi is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the country. Adopting a widely spoken language as an official language is an integral part of our history which is why people celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and favour. The motive behind celebrating Hindi Diwas is to propagate and spread the language.

On this special occasion, schools and colleges organize competitions such as poetry recitation, essay writings, speeches and many more. The occasion is celebrated with high spirit throughout the country. Some people often get confused between World Hindi Day and Hindi Diwas, both of which are different occasions. Let's check out the difference between the two days.

Difference between World Hindi Day and Hindi Diwas:

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on September 14 annually which commemorates the declaration of Hindi as an official language. On the other hand, World Hindi Day or Vishwa Hindi Sammelan is celebrated on January 10. It marks the World Hindi Conference on January 10, 1975, in Nagpur. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared January 10 as World Hindi Day in 2006. The objective of this occasion is to promote Hindi as an International language.

The main difference between Hindi Diwas and World Hindi Day is that Hindi Diwas is celebrated once a year on September 14, whereas, World Hindi Conference is held once every three years on January 10.

Hindi as a language is spoken as a first language by around 77,569 people in Nepal, according to the 2011 Nepal Census. According to the Constitution of South Africa, Hindi is a protected language and the Pan South African Language Board must promote and ensure respect for Hindi among other languages. In 2015, Google reported a 94% spurt in Hindi-content consumption year-on-year adding that 21% of users in India prefer content in Hindi.

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