New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The rose flower is not only beautiful in appearance but is also rich in many natural qualities. You can use their leaves from glowing skin to pink lips and many more things. Let's know about these unique benefits of rose flower:

Great moisturizer

A special kind of oil is found in the leaves of rose flower, which is applied on the skin to nourish it internally. The skin looks soft and beautiful using this oil. Those with sensitive skin should especially use its leaves, because the sugar in them makes it soft and glowing.

Skin Tone

Rose leaves are also used as a natural agent. It fills wrinkles along with removing facial wrinkles. Use of rosewater softens the skin. Juice made from its leaves helps the face glow. Therefore, use of rose is better than using alcohol and chemical found toner.

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Anti-inflammatory elements

Roses are rich in vitamin A. It also acts as a very good anti-oxidant. Vitamin C prevents skin cells from getting damaged. Additionally, it also prevents damage from sunlight. Sunburn can also be avoided by applying rose water in case of scorching heat.

For pink lips

Apart from the face, rose leaves are also used to remove the blackness of the lips. For the wide reasons like smoking, sunburn, etc., the pinkness of the lips decreases. In order to get its color back, rub the rose leaves gently with cream, milk or honey. Rub the ice after it dries and see the difference after a few days. The lost look will return.

Posted By: James Kuanal