New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: On the day of Hartalika Teej Goddess Parvati got married to Lord Shiva after severe austerity. With the blessings of her father she tied the knot with Bholenath. Therefore, to mark the celebration of their union, this festival is observed.

Hartalika Teej is celebrated on the third day of the bright half of the Hindu calendar Lunar month of Bhadrapad. This year it will be observed on September 9, 2021. On the day of Hartalika Teej women worship Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva to be blessed with unbroken good fortune.

Since fasting on this festival is considered very sacred and auspicious, here we are with some dos and don'ts that you need to keep in mind while keeping a fast on this day.


Lord Ganesha prayer

Start the puja with Lord Ganesha as it's a religious belief that worshipping Ganpathi at first will be auspicious. And there will be no hurdle in between..

Listen to Vrat katha

During the puja ceremony women should listen to the vrat katha religiously, as fast is considered incomplete without it.

Recite Mata bhajans

Singing and reciting of Mata bhajans create a pious atmosphere. And according to traditions, women sing bhajans and chant mantras.

Light a full-day diya 

As per the traditions, diya lighted during puja should be kept lighted for atleast 24 hrs.

Paran muhurat 

Fast should be concluded at Paran muhurat only.


Avoid black dress

Black colour is considered inauspicious in puja ceremonies, therefore, avoid wearing black clothes.

Don't drink water

This fast is nirjala fast so water should be avoided during the fasting period. However it does not apply to pregnant and women who are unwell.

Avoid negative thoughts

This is a holy festival so think positive and do positive.

Don't sleep

As fast concludes on the next day, instead of sleeping, women recite bhajans, chant mantras the whole night.

Don't lie to your spouse

This fast is observed for the long blessed life of your husband, so one should not deceive or lie to their husband on this particular day.

Don't harm the environment

Do not harm the nature in any way, while performing puja rituals.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal