New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Promises are something that is not meant to be broken and also, protects you from committing wrong mistakes. 'Promise' may sound a simple word to people, however, it comes with a baggage of trust, understanding, loyalty, etc. While its quite easy to impress your beloved on Rose Day, Propose Day and Teddy Day, but on Promise Day it's extremely difficult, as on this day materialistic things don't matter. What matters the most is the words to express your love in a well-weaved manner. Making some heartfelt and truthful promises to your partner is the best way to spend this special day.

However, when it comes to making promises, many couples find it difficult to express their love through words. So, don't worry here we are with some truthful and heartfelt promises that will move your better half this Promise Day 2021.

Here have a look:

- I promise not to hold onto bitterness or resentment after agreeing to make a compromise for the sake of our relationship.

- I promise not to take you for granted when I’m lost or reeling and you are the person I lean on.

- I promise to genuinely try to understand your point of view when we disagree, before counteracting it with my own.

- I promise to make time for you when too many things are simultaneously demanding my attention.

- I promise not to judge you on the choices you have made in the past, even if they still affect your present.

- I promise to make a genuine effort with your friends and family, no matter how different we are from one another.

- I promise to push you to be a better version of yourself during the times when you’re not realizing your potential.

- Whatever the situation be in all your ups and downs I promise to stay by your side.

- I promise to talk openly with you about boundaries and lines so, that we don’t venture into grey areas that hurt each other.

- I promise to face difficult conversations without threat, accusations or defensiveness.

- My love for you will keep on multiplying with each passing day. Promise!

- Every time I think of you I wonder that it's a reality, not a dream. A reality that I actually Love you like an insane and I promise you to love same forever.

- I will not promise you for a moon but I promise that you will be the moon of my life and will keep the wheels of my life moving in the shadow of that light.

Now grab your pen and paper, and add these truthful and heartfelt promises in your love note for your beloved. However, make sure that you are making all these promises straight from the heart.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv