New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: New Year 2021 has finally arrived and people have bid adieu to 2020. This year was full of unexpected events that not just created havoc in everyone's life but also introduced 'new normal'. Now we are moving ahead towards the end of the year we thought why not say goodbye to this year in style. Well, we know that COVID-19 pandemic still exists, however, we can plan a small party at home with family and close friends.

Since its coronavirus period you must be inviting fewer people keeping in mind the shortage of space, however, don't worry here we are with a fantastic idea. Those who have a terrace at their house why not use it as it offers more flexibility with decorating than an indoor space. Also its winter season, a season for rooftop parties.

As you raise a toast to a great year ahead, you may just end up thanking us for these handy tips for decorating your terrace, so, let's get started with the preparations.

Follow these easy steps to decorate your terrace

1. Theme Party: Plan a theme party-you can have elements that tie the theme together such as decorate the terrace with potted greens like palms or frangipani and add some fresh flowers for a dash of colour.

2. Light It Up: Lighting is the easiest way to decorate your terrace, so, if you are planning to keep it minimal with light then use with scented candles or fairy lights. However keep in mind that it should be dim- the idea is to enjoy the open skies, twinkling stars, moonlight and cool fresh air. You can also use lanterns as it can add a royal touch your party and unlike candles, it will not blow out with the wind.

3. Add Comfort: Put some large comfy floor pillows at your terrace without taking up a lot of space in place of chairs and table. Using soft cushions for seating creates a more intimate and comfortable space for outdoor parties, not just this it's super easy to rearrange or remove if after party.

4. Eat Treat: Rather putting small tables use a buffet table with adequate lighting and instead of using expensive wine glasses use mason jars to serve cocktail and mocktails as its handy and a stress-free way to keep the party going with great eats and flowing drinks.

Here, your terrace is ready only guests are left to arrive, however, keep in mind since its the long night celebration stack your home with enough eateries so that you don't run out of it.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv