Kissing can burn as many as 2 calories per minute. No, we aren’t highlighting its perks, just that you may not be able to ‘burn many calories’ this festival of love because 'social distancing'. Yes, the number of covid cases are on a spike, and seems like it’s going to take a while for us to get back to where we were. Therefore, on Happy Kiss Day 2021, chuck your usual style of kissing or smooching your loved one and catch a glimpse of a few different types of kisses that will suit the new ‘normal’ of current times. Take a look

Flying Kiss

Who knew that something which we learned as kids will be of such use during COVID. Yeah, we are talking about kissing your hand and blowing it towards your partner without touching them.

Virtual Kiss

When maintaining the physical distancing is a norm at a lot of places, a virtual kiss can turn out to be an amazing option. Yes, not the usual video calling apps Zoom, Whatsapp or Google Duo, but there are a few apps online which are especially curated for virtual love-making. Yes, you read that right! Such apps have features like placing your lips on the screen and your partner will be sent a virtual kiss. Amazing isn’t it? It can work wonders for a long-distance relationship too!

Emoji Kiss

Come on let’s all admit that we are incomplete without our emojis while we are texting or s*xting. Yes, be it Whatsapp or Facebook or any other app, we can’t contain ourselves to use kissing emojis all the time. Also, as per some researchers, emoji kisses are one of the favourites of the people who are doing ‘it’ on chat. So guys, keep sharing emojis till the situations get better for all of us.


Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal