New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: A hug not only helps you recover from something but also helps you strengthen your bond with your friends, family members and your beloved. Thus, every year, we celebrate Hug Day on the sixth day of Valentine's Week. To celebrate Hug Day, people, irrespective of their gender or whether they are in a relationship or not, express their love for each other by exchanging hugs. So as the whole world observes Hug Day, we at English Jagran have shortlisted the most common types of hugs that you can share with your loved ones to express your mushy feelings for them:

Bear Hug:

One of the most common types of hugs, bear hugs are the most genuine and meaningful and help you relieve your stress and anxiety. This hug involves wrapping your arms around someone you love and provide reassurance for your relationship.

Long Hug:

We all give long hugs regularly to our friends, parents or our spouse. These hugs involve taking someone in your arms and holding them tight to share your feelings for them.

Hug with a romantic kiss:

Giving a romantic kiss to your soulmate is one of the cutest and loveliest thing you could do in Valentine's Week. It helps your strengthen your bond with your soulmate and express your unconditional love for them.

Back Hug:

If you want to give a surprise to your love, then giving him or her a back hug is not a bad idea. Back hug indicates that you are fond of your partner and shows a strong connection between two people.

Buddy Hug:

Buddy Hugs, which are popularly known as 'Sideways Hugs', are given when a person puts his or her hands on a person's shoulder or waist in order to make them feel comfortable. This type of hug is quite popular not only among couples but also among friends.

Sloppy Hug:

Sloppy hugs are generally given in parties to share the bond of friendship. Not only couples, but this hug is also quite popular between male and female friends.

Flirty Hug:

As the name suggests, this type of hug is given to express newfound love. It involves light touch and helps you explore your partner with a sweet gesture.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma