New Delhi | Jagran Health Desk: The third day of Valentine's Week, Chocolate Day 2021, is here and everyone is busy buying the favourite chocolates of their partners to make them feel loved on this day. Apart from bringing the sweetness in your relation, this yummy dessert also possesses some amazing benefits, which ill help you in uplifting your mood and keeping your heart's health intact.  So, as we celebrate Chocolate Day, here are some of the most underrated benefits of Chocolates one should know.

Dark chocolates are good for your heart

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which help your veins and arteries to function normally. This can also reduce the chances of getting a stroke. Well, as they say, have whatever suits your heart.

Dark chocolates can help improve your memory

Dark chocolates contain cocoa extracts which possess flavanols. These flavanols can work great for your cognitive functioning. So, when you can’t remember anything, remember to have a bite of chocolate.

 Dark chocolates may uplift your mood

Chocolates are a great antidepressant. Yes, as per many studies these yummy treats can increase your serotonin levels in the brain which is the exact same chemical that boosts your mood. This chemical is often used by a lot of antidepressant medicines. Feeling sad? Pop open a chocolate box.

Dark chocolates can help in workout

Staying fit and eating chocolates can’t go hand in hand. Well, this is a myth as dark chocolates may help you in your daily workout. Yes, if you have almost half of one square of chocolate bar per day then it can help you exercise better as dark chocolate contains a flavonol named epicatechin. This flavanol increases your strength and may also help in building body mass.

Dark chocolates may help keep cholesterol levels in check

According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, dark chocolate may help in keeping your cholesterol levels low. In the research, some subjects who were given a few bars of dark chocolate to consume along with sterols and flavanols had their LDL cholesterol levels low. So, people have dark chocolates but keep the quantity of intake limited.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal