New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Just can't resist chocolate? We guess this is the best of the year for you then. Chocolate Day is finally here and it is just the perfect time for those who have a sweet tooth. February 9 is celebrated as Chocolate Day, and on this day people express their mushy feelings and exchange this wholesome sweet gift. Well, there are some types of chocolates that range from mildly sweet to bittersweet flavour. Some people like their chocolate all dark, while some like their chocolate sugary, so on this day we will help you out on how you can pick chocolate according to your partner's taste buds:

Mainly, there are five types of chocolates; From white to dark chocolate; here's all you need to know:

1. White Chocolate

This is the chocolate that is easily identified with its colour. This chocolate is made with sugar, milk, vanilla, cocoa butter. The unique factor of this chocolate is that it does not contain the amount of cocoa in it. The good quality of this chocolate can be identified with the texture and softness of its coating. White chocolates are generally very sweet and they should be gifted to people who have a thing for extreme sweet things.

2. Belgian Chocolate

As the name of this chocolate suggests, this is produced in Belgium that is the reason why its name is Belgian chocolate. This chocolate has an amount of about 35% cocoa and is generally used in making truffles. This chocolate has a bittersweet taste and is considered dark chocolate. This chocolate should be gifted to the people who have a thing for bittersweet flavour chocolates.

3. Ruby Chocolate

This is a new and different kind of chocolate. This was discovered by the makers of Belgian Chocolate. This chocolate has some different colour of red-pink texture and has an amount of about 47.5% cacao that make its flavour a combination of sour and sweet. If your partner loves both sweet and sour things equally, then this chocolate is just the right thing for you.

4. Swiss Chocolate

This chocolate is produced in Switzerland and thus is known as Swiss Chocolate. This chocolate has a high concentration of milk in it, and thus this chocolate has a sweet flavour. If your partner just loves chocolate and has a thing for high-quality chocolate, then this is the one for you.

5. Milk Chocolate

This chocolate has a light brown colour and has an amazingly smooth texture. This chocolate is one of the most common and delicious chocolate. In this, there is a concentration of milk and chocolate liquor that gives it a perfect taste. This chocolate has a mildly sweet taste and is just perfect for people who love to eat sweet things occasionally.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma