New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: As if all the other days were not enough that now we've come across another unique day which is Biscuit Day. No, we aren't making this up, this day actually exists. As the name goes by, Biscuit Day is a special day dedicated to biscuits which is celebrated every year on May 29. 

Biscuits came into existence in 1931 when Ballard introduced them to the world. Also known as cookies in some parts of the world, these tasty delights are celebrated for their distinguished taste and various flavours. 

Well, if the day is so interesting, then why not celebrate it with others too. Yes, while you have these yummy treats on a special day, make sure to share some wishes, quotes, SMSes and more with your friends and family. Take a look:

Happiness is having biscuits with tea!

To take a break from your busy schedule, you just need a cup of tea and biscuits.

There is no replacement for biscuits. They have their own fans.

Where there is tea, there is a biscuit! Happy Biscuit Day.

There is always a chance for biscuits.

It is a sad moment when your biscuit falls into the hot tea!

Biscuits are not good for health but taste buds don’t agree that.

Dogs love biscuits and even human beings do!

Relax on National Biscuit Day with some biscuits.

My friend proposed me with a heart! A heart-shaped biscuit! Wishing all a day filled with biscuits.

Take big risks but before that have a biscuit.

Take a risk or else forget and have a biscuit.

Life is like a biscuit, a mixer of sweet, salt, and plain flour.

I always think of buying something healthy, but whenever I return home, my bag is full of biscuits!

My grandma never runs out of warm hugs and sweet biscuits.

Most of the childhood memories we have kept in photos, but some are in the smell of some biscuits.

It is never too late to have a biscuit to honor the Biscuit Day.

For some, the well-balanced diet is still biscuits!

I’m my sister’s best friend but not when I’m having a pack of biscuit with a cup of tea!

Today I need more tea breaks because it is National Biscuit Day!

My mum is soft and sweet like a biscuit and I miss her more whenever I have one of it.

Prepare some biscuits today and share. National Biscuits Day.

A weeping baby’s only comfort is a biscuit!

The journey of biscuits might have found different milestones but the people are still on the same milestone having their favorite biscuit!

There is no place like my grandma’s where biscuits are always been baked.

Sending some biscuit love to all on National Biscuit Day!

Dear tea, the only wish I have today is to have a biscuit with you! National Biscuit Day.

Biscuits are my companion for breakfast, lunch, and lunch!

Showing some respect to the National Biscuit Day by having some pack of biscuits with friends!

Make someone’s day by offering a pack of biscuit. Happy National Biscuit day.

People are like sandwiched biscuits, the best part is always inside!

All parents say they are not afforded any good things but they have the taste of biscuits!

Butter the butt of it and call it as butter biscuit!

It is my birthday and I’m one more year old. But not so old for biscuits.

Who needs a friend when there are tea and biscuit?

You can compare an opportunity to a biscuit dipping in the tea if slipped, the biscuit is gone!

Biscuits are quick bread to fill the stomach.

The mustard seasoning on a biscuit gives it a traditional touch of southern states.

When it is tea time, I say, ‘hey look its biscuit o’clock’!

Biscuits are taking different sizes and shapes these days but my love for biscuits is on shape!

My dad says I’m his little biscuit and I feel happy when I hear that.

My lover says, ‘I love you more than biscuits’!

File up with some butter on biscuits to make it butter cookies.

Feeling bad? Have a biscuit! Your whole day will be sweet!

My favorite time is tea time because I can have biscuits.

Many times people say I’m fat. It is because I fell in love with biscuits!

Biscuit means twice cooked and the word comes from French.

Love is like a biscuit. If you dip more into the tea, it will break and fall!

Money can’t buy love but can buy some tasty biscuits.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal