New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: A friend is a person who holds much importance in our life as a friend is the only person who is not connected with the bloodline yet is the one who stands with us in sorrows, happiness, difficulties and every other situation. A good friend knows about those secrets of our life which even our family members didn't know. A good friend is said to be a boon because apart from all the close relations we have, a best friend is the one who we can choose on our own. 

Just like family, our friends also love us unconditionally, so, just to shower some love on your close friends, the Best Friends Day is observed annually on June 8. People celebrate this day by stepping out with friends and spend quality time with them. But since this year it is recommended to stay indoors due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are here with a list of wishes and quotes for you to share with your besties in order to celebrate Best Friends Day 2021. Take a look:

Best Friends Day 2021: Wishes

You came in my life and touched it with love. You brought along wonderful moments of happiness and joy that added new colors in my life. Love you loads. Happy Best Friend’s Day.

Finding a true friend makes your life worthy and by finding you, I have added so many reasons to smile and be happy. Thanks for coming in my life. Wishing you a very Happy Best Friend’s Day.

Friendship is a blend of different feelings, relationships and emotions and with a friend like you I have witness all these beautiful shades of rainbow that have brightened my life. Happy Best Friend’s Day.

With your presence in my life, my life has illuminated with new hope. You are a wonderful soul who has taught me the real meaning of friendship. Wishing you a warm Happy Best Friend’s Day.

Dear pal, you are my best friend for you have supported me through thick and thin. You have loved me, scolded me and showed me the right path. Warm wishes to you on Best Friend’s Day.

Let us celebrate this amazing day to celebrate enticing shades of our friendship. You are my biggest strength and also my biggest weakness. Love you lots. Happy Best Friend’s Day 2021.

When we met first you were sweet, gradually you became sweeter and now you are the sweetest person I know. You are my best friend for life. Happy Best Friend’s Day to my dear pal.

Time and distance are important in every relationship. But with a friend like you, who lives in my heart, we will never be separated by distance because we are connected at heart. Happy Best Friend’s Day.

When you have someone whom you can call any day, any time…. you know you are blessed. Thanks my bestie for coming into my life…. Wishing you Best Friends Day!!!

You are the rainbow to my sky…… You are the icing to my cake…… You are the most beautiful blessing in my life and I cannot thank you enough for loving me the way I am….. Best wishes to you on Best Friends Day.

Best Friends Day 2021: Quotes

“Cheers to our friendship and the chemistry that we share. Warm wishes on Best Friends Day to my dearest friend.”

“If I have my best friend with me, I don’t need any other friend because I know I have the choicest blessing of God with me. Happy Best Friends Day.”

“I am so very blessed to have you as my best friend who is like a gem, who is like a solution to every problem. Wishing a very Happy Best Friends Day.”

“Three cheers to my best friend who has been there with me through all the good and bad times. Wishing you my dear a very Happy Best Friends Day.”

“Best Friends Day reminds me that how lucky I am to have a friend who has stood by me in the worst of my times. Love you!!!”

“I know I can conquer this world with my best friend my side. Wishing a very Happy Best Friends Day to you my dear.”

“We have come a long way and we have a very long way to go. Cheers to all the good and bad times we have shared. Happy Best Friends Day.”

“Having a best friend like you has been the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. Thank you for being there. Happy Best Friends Day to you.”

“Friends are meant to be together and we have been together for years, making each year a special one. Warm wishes on Best Friends Day to us.”

“When we are together, even hours end in few seconds because we enjoy each other’s company the best. Warm wishes on Best Friends Day to you my dear.”

“A friend like you is just what I needed to survive in this world and be happy and blessed. A very Happy Best Friends Day to you.”

Best Friends Day 2021: Messages

There is no day when I don’t thank God for blessing me with a best friend like you who has always been there for me…. Love you to the moon and back.

My day is incomplete if I don’t meet you, if I don’t share my feelings with you, if I don’t hug you…. You are my daily dose and my best half which completes me…. Sending you my love on Best Friends Day because for me you are the BEST!!!

Best friend is one who understands even before you speak, who lifts your mood up when you are dull and sad, who is a part of your crazy acts….. And all that for me is you….. Happy Best Friends Day.

Today is Best Friends Day, the day dedicated to our friendship!!! You are so fortunate to have me, someone who can listen to all your insane talks and still love you without any terms and conditions.

I know when you are there, there is nothing to fear because you bring out the best in me…. I thank you for making my life so full of happiness, brightness and love….. Happy Best Friends Day to you my sweetheart!!

I can never imagine my life without you….. You are not just my bestie but you are my life without whom nothing is right…. With lots of love and hugs, wishing you an amazing Happy Best Friends Day.

Our friendship is the most beautiful blessing of God. It is not about how much time we spend or how many holidays we take together, it is about how much we value each other. Happy Best Friend’s Day.

The beautiful rose of our friendship will always bloom and will never fade away because it is nourished with our feelings of love, care and respect. Warm wishes on Best Friend’s Day.

Best Friends Day 2021: Whatsapp and Facebook status

You are my strength and also my weakness…. You are my best friend.

When you are with me, I have nothing to worry…. You are my strongest rock to lean on.

You bring smile to my face and happiness to my heart…. Love you my bestie!!!

I am blessed to have a friend like you who is sister from different mother.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal