New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The day of Good Friday 2021 is observed every year to mark the crucifixion of Jesu Christ. It is believed that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the people. Good Friday, also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday or Easter Friday, and is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Christians across the globe. Good Friday, every year, is celebrated before Easter Monday and after Maundy Thursday. As per the Gregorian calendar, Good Friday 2021 will be celebrated on April 2 this year.

So as the festival of Good Friday 2021 is just a day away, here are some rare and interesting facts about the festival which you must know.

Jesus Christ was crucified on this day after Judas, one of Jesus' 12 followers, betrayed him by kissing him thus exposing him to chief priests.

Following his arrest, Jesus Christ was beaten up and was made to wear a crown of thorns.

The disbelievers then placed Jesus Christ on a large cross and nails were driven through his wrists and ankles.

In addition to the other services, the Stations of the Cross known as the Three Hours' Agony are often prayed.

The stations are as follows:

1st Station: Jesus is condemned to death

2nd Station: Jesus carries his cross

3rd Station: Jesus falls the first time

4th Station: Jesus meets his mother

5th Station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross

6th Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

7th Station: Jesus falls the second time

8th Station: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

9th Station: Jesus falls a third time

10th Station: Jesus' clothes are taken away

11th Station: Jesus is nailed to the cross

12th Station: Jesus dies on the cross

13th Station: The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross

14th Station: Jesus is laid in the tomb

In typical Orthodox services, people mourn the crucifixion of Christ by taking down the cross and recounting the story of Jesus' last days, which is called the Passion of Christ

Many Good Friday services end with the church bell toiling 33 times for each year of Jesus' earthly life

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan