New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: To be honest, Anti Valentine's Week seems much more interesting than Valentine's one. This week has got some fascinating days on the list and the next in line is Flirting Day 2021. Obviously, no points for guessing, this day is for flirting with and approaching your crush. So are you all set for something corny and cheesy? No, keep your hunger pangs in check, we are not talking about pizza here, but some interesting pickup lines which are cheesy and corny AF! Yes, they can be quite cringy though but who knows they can make your loved one laugh out loud. 

Well, we agree some of them should ideally be banned for being extra mushy, but atleast they will make her/him LOL. Remember the Hindi saying, “Hasi toh Phasi’. So, here we are with some cheesy pickup lines which are so bad that they are actually good. Take a look

  • Are you Australian? Because you meet all of my koala-fications.
  • You must be a love ninja because you snuck into my heart.
  • I’ll give you three wishes if your first wish is me. 
  • If you were a library book, I’d check you out.
  • I think I may need glasses because all I can see is you.
  • Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.
  • Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?
  • I must be a snowflake, because I've fallen for you.
  • Do you believe in love ar first sight- or should I walk by again?
  • Feel my shirt. Know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material.
  • Did your license get suspended for driving all these guys crazy?
  • Are you a bank loan? Because you got my interest.

Didn’t you just laugh out loud? Well, before taking cues from it do refer to the disclaimer below. Although do let us know how did it go.

*Disclaimer- Try them at your own risk, we are not responsible if you get punched in the face.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal