New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: It seems the Covid-19 Pandemic is not going anywhere for now as the outbreak is upending life for families around the world. As the world is witnessing another wave of the deadly virus here are some tips on eating healthy and being protected from the outbreak of the coronavirus and its different variants.

Intake more greens and plants

For boosting daily immunity, intake of plants is highly recommended as it is considered the quickest way to improve the quality of your diet. lant-based food includes spices, herbs, nuts, and seeds - as well as fruit, veg, and leafy foods.

Make less room for highly processed foods

So-called tasty processed food contains high levels of refined sugar, saturated fats, salt, and chemical additives, so it’s a good idea to switch them out for less processed alternatives. Try to also avoid sugary drinks and instead drink lots of water. Adding fruits or vegetables like lemon, lime, cucumber slices or berries to water is a great way to add an extra twist of flavor.

Intake Healthier fats

Fat is an important part of our diet. Intake of the right amount of fat is very important for our daily and healthy diet routine. Omega-3 fats, found in fish and other seafood, nuts, seed and plant oils, support the immune system and heart health. Oily fish, such as salmon and trout, are some of the best sources of omega-3 fats.

Use fresh food alternatives such as canned or frozen

Canned beans and chickpeas, which provide an abundance of nutrients, can be stored for months or even years and can be included in meals in many ways. Canned or frozen vegetables, such as tomatoes, do tend to contain lower quantities of vitamins than fresh produce, but they are a great fallback option when fresh produce is not an option.

Try snacking more often

Keeping healthy snacks on hand will surely help in improving your diet quality. It is considered as the quick way to increase the number of plants in your diet so try keeping a pack in your bag or on your desk.

Opt for healthier options like nuts, cheese, yogurt (preferably unsweetened), chopped or dried fruits, boiled eggs, or other locally available healthy options rather than sweets or salty snacks.

Posted By: Ashita Singh