Factors That Increase Chances Of Having Twins

Here are some tips for increasing your chances of having twins

Factors That Increase Chances Of Having Twins
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NOTHING IS  more valuable than the idea of having children, but picture how joyful you'll be if you're carrying twins! While many parents desire to have twins, having them at the same time can be stressful for some families. The likelihood of having twins has significantly increased over the past few decades, so if you're fortunate, you might be blessed with them. However, a number of variables affect it.

How Are Twins Formed?

Twins are classified into two types.The first type of twins are identical twins, or monozygotic twins. In this instance, one egg is fertilised by one sperm, yet the egg later divides into two embryos. The placenta and chorion are the same. However, the manner in which the fertilised egg divides will determine whether there will be two distinct amniotic sacs or if they will share a single sac. Fraternal twins, usually referred to as dizygotic twins, are the second type of twin. In this type of pregnancy, two eggs are fertilised by two separate sperm. Each of them has a unique placenta, chorionic sac, amniotic sac, and embryo. The following variables affect the likelihood of having twins:

Family History

It is true that the twins run in the family, as is commonly believed. The likelihood of conceiving fraternity twins will therefore rise if there is a history of the phenomenon in your family, but on the mother's side. It makes absolutely no difference if your father's side of the family has a lot of twin pregnancies.


As a consequence, women who have recently given birth have a higher likelihood of having twins than other women. One other thing: the prevalence of twin pregnancies has increased as more women choose to become pregnant later in life. FSH, which makes the egg develop every cycle, is produced in greater amounts by women over the age of 35. The extra eggs are released by the ovum as a result of the increased FHS.

Reproductive Medicine

Consequently, the fertility medication boosts the ovaries' production of eggs. So, if you're having fertility treatment of any kind, you might become pregnant with twins. Or your odds of getting triplets will rise, depending on the sort of fertility therapy you use.

Pregnancies In The Past

You are more likely to conceive twins than other women if you are already a mother and have one child. The likelihood of later having several children increases if you have one or even two children.

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