New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Another Covid related symptom - Black Fungus - has emerged in India which is proving to be fatal for many. The virus is infecting the eyesight of people leading to permanent loss of vision. Here’s all you need to know about the fungal infection to be aware of it:

What is Black Fungus?

Black Fungus is a rare but serious fungal infection caused by a group of fungi called Mucormycosis. Funguses are omnipresent in the environment and can often be seen on rotting food. Earlier, the human body was immune to this infection. However, with the advent of coronavirus weakening our immunity system, the fungus can now infect the human body with deadly results. It is now commonly observed in Covid infected patients with uncontrolled diabetes and prolonged ICU stay.

Can it affect your eyesight?

Recently several cases of Black Fungus in Covid patients have come up in different states of India. As many as 11 people in Telangana’s Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital alone reported suffering from this condition. Three out of them lost their vision permanently.

According to doctors, this infection gets into the human body through air. If untreated or sometimes despite the treatment, the infection starts to spread from nostrils to the orbit which is around the eyes and brain.

What are the symptoms?

The initial stage of the infection may show symptoms like sinus, facial pain, fever, stuffy nose, and headache. Later it can also lead to bloody nasal discharge, dental pain, swelling or discolouration. During a severe stage when the infection reaches around the eyes and brain following symptoms can be found:

• Pain in eyes
• Dropping of eyes
• Difficulty in eye movement
• Decrease in vision
• Blackish discolouration roof of the mouth
• Unconsciousness

What is the treatment?

The treatment includes a combination of medicine and surgery. Some antifungal medicines can be used in an earlier stage to kill the virus. Immediate doctor consultation is advised in the case to decide the rightful treatment.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha