New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Dating back to the time when the patriarchal norms set up gender-based clothing for men and women. Women were supposed to dress up in a certain way, and they had a fixed type of clothing like only dresses, kurta or saree. And, men were supposed to dress up in pants or dhoti. However, thanks to the changing time, the fashion industry made the change according to the gendered gaze and it promoted equality in the clothing culture too. But, have you ever wondered why women's shirt buttons are on the left side and men's on the right? Here are some amazing facts that you should know:

Talking about the women's shirt buttons on the left side and men's on the right side, there are various theories about this concept and we will tell you all of them:

*According to the popular theory, it is said that for men it was easier to reach for the weapon, and thus their shirt buttons were on the right side. It is also said that it was easy for men to reach the weapon from the right hand.

*It is also said that women used to ride the horse, and buttons on the left made it easy for them so that air breeze could not pass through their shirt.

*There is yet another interesting story which says that women made fun of Napolean's styling sense and his hand in hand waistcoat style, thus he ordered that women's shirt will have buttons on the left side. After that, the buttons on the left side became a trend.

*Another theory suggests that people wanted to dress up like wealthy people and at that time, the rich women had their shirt's button to the left and that attracted the masses and all the women started dressing like that.

However, there is no reason why this fashion trend is still being continued in the fashion industry. It is suggested that people are now used to this buttoning style, and thus there is no change in it.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma