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Enjoy A Luxury Vacation Under Rs 20,000 With Your Family In These Exotic Places This Winter Season, Here's How

For only Rs. 20,000, you can take a weekend trip with your family and loved ones in India. The destinations where you can have fun this winter. Take a break from your regular activities and engage in something soothing.

Enjoy A Luxury Vacation Under Rs 20,000 With Your Family In These Exotic Places This Winter Season, Here's How

You must be considering taking a quick weekend trip to enjoy the winter season now that it has arrived. In these winter months, everyone just wants to have fun. The best seasons for pleasant weather are the winters. Everyone, especially in India, plans a quick trip to the least expensive locations to visit and unwind. Basically, this is the time of year that most Indians enjoy traveling, and there is also a festive mood in the air!

1. Goa, also known as "Las Vegas"

Goa is the most popular tourist destination in India during the months of November and December. Goa is most untamed at this time of year. Because of this, Goa has earned the nickname "Las Vegas of India."Aside from free admission to the Sunburn Music Festival, the feast of St. Francis Xavier, and the loudest EDM party, some of the nicest things about New Year's Eve are the fireworks and some decent trance music with the sand caressing your pretty toes. You'll have the ideal ambiance for a special Christmas and New Year's Eve at this venue.

EDM events, the Sunburn Music Festival, and the feast of St. Francis Xavier are among the top things to do in Goa.

2. Auli is the ideal location for learning to ski

Neelkant, Mana Parbhat, and Nanda Devi Snow-capped Hill in Auli are the ideal locations for taking panoramic photos of the highlands that will make your toes numb, usually in the winter. Auli in November and December is one of the best locations to learn how to ski.

Enjoy lovely evenings at Mana Parbhat, Neelkant, and the snow-capped slopes of Nanda Devi.

3. Manali, the Valley of the Gods

Manali is a popular destination in India for family vacations, particularly in the months of November and December. The phrase "valley of the gods" is another name for it. Tall deodar trees, towering mountains, meandering roads, and an abundance of snow are to blame for it. Manali is like a wonderland for all newlywed couples and snow fans.

Adventure sports like paragliding, ice skating, rappelling, and rock climbing are among the things to do in Manali.

4. South Beauty, Coorg

The finest getaway spot in South Carolina to get away from the rush of city life in the months of November and December is Coorg. Coorg is surrounded by stunning hills, wide valleys, and a massive coffee plantation, making it the perfect vacation spot for those who love the outdoors.

Tadiandamol, Coorg White Water Rafting, Abbey Falls, Golden Temple, and Gaddige are the top attractions in Coorg.

5. Jaisalmer the golden city

The city of Jaisalmer is the most attractive and beautiful, and it is crucial to Rajasthan's tourism sector. Because of its numerous golden sand dunes and fortifications made of golden honey sandstone, Jaisalmer is also known as the "golden city." One of the most well-liked and well-known activities in Jaisalmer is a desert safari.

The Jaisalmer Fort, a bustling national park in the desert, the ancient Kuldhara Village, exquisite Jain temples, the fantastic Gadisar Lake, the undeveloped Sam Sand Dunes, the artistic Tazia Tower and Badal Palace, the intricately carved Patwon ki Haveli, the magnificent Bada Bagh, and many other well-known tourist attractions are among the places to visit in Jaisalmer.


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