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6 Effective Haircare Tips To Manage And Reduce Split Ends

If you're experiencing hair damage and split ends, scroll down to know some haircare tips to manage and reduce split ends.

6 Effective Haircare Tips To Manage And Reduce Split Ends
Image Credits: Pexels

FROM HAIR fall to dandruff, dull and dry hair, the list of hair problems is never-ending. One such popular worry in hair care is split ends. Known as "Trichoptilosis" or "Schizotrichia" in medical words, split ends occur when a single hair strand splits into two. It can also be said as a simple fraying or breakage of hair primarily at the hair ends.

Split ends occur when moisture does not reach the tips and ends of the hair efficiently. They are a clear sign of dry and damaged skin. When hair is exposed to extreme weather conditions, hai care techniques of blow drying, straightening and curling, use of chemical products, and over washing altogether can lead to split ends.

Look below the list of tips and tricks to reduce split ends:

1. Regular Hydration

According to Healthline, moisturization helps in preventing split ends. Lack of moisturization leads to damaged hair and split ends. Using hair conditioners post shampoo can help in providing rich moisturization and nourishment to the hair preventing split ends.

2. Limit the use of Hair Appliances 

Using too much of heat appliances on hair for straightening, curling, blow drying etc can lead to excessive breakage and split ends. Too much heat regularly can significantly harm hair and leads to hair problems. Limit your usage of heat appliances and apply heat-protecting products to your hair before using any appliances.

3. Gentle Shampoo and Drying

Try to include a more hydrating and repairing shampoo in your haircare routine to treat dry, frayed hair and split ends. Post shampoo, hair is more prone to breakage, therefore gently wash your hair with a shampoo and apply nourishing conditioner to the hair ends properly. Do not rub your hair after shampooing instead dab a microfibre towel.

4. Oiling

Oiling is one of the essential ways to protect your hair from damage to be included in your haircare routine. Oiling hair can help in reducing hygral fatigue, and dryness and protect the hair follicles from surfactants by filling the gaps between cuticle cells. Hair oils provide moisturization to hair and prevent breakage and split ends.

5. Use A Silk Pillowcase

Satin or silk pillow allows hair to glide over the pillow with less friction, therefore preventing hair damage. The smooth textures of silk pillows prevent hair frizz and tangles.

6. Regular Trims

Hair trimming is one of the most important steps when experiencing hair damage and split ends. According to hair experts, trimming hair keeps split ends from creeping up the hair shaft. Moreover, brush your hair gently to avoid any further hair damage.

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