New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The day which celebrates togetherness, happy meals and lots of laughter is finally here. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about Easter Day. Every year, Easter Day is observed right after two days of Jesus Christ's crucifixion and the first Sunday of April. This year, the auspicious day is being observed on April 4. According to the holy book Bible, Jesus Christ was crucified and died on Friday and on the same day he was buried in a tomb. It is said when his followers visited his grave on the third day of burial to mourn, they found the grave empty. Thus this day is celebrated as the win of Jesus Christ over death.

Easter Day is one of the auspicious days of the Christian community. On this holiday, people go out for lunch and dinner with family and they even prepare it at home and they enjoy a good meal with friends and family on this auspicious day. As the special day is here, we have compiled a list of 5 dishes that will impress your guests on this day:

1. Roasted Chicken

This crispy, smoking hot dish will leave your guests impressed. You can make this dish easily by roasting chicken and you can serve it with mixed sauce.

2. Potatoes Grand Mere

This dish is made with chopped potatoes and various sauces and it will be served as an amazing snack that your guests can enjoy with drinks.

3. Cheese Ricotta Pasta

If you want to serve something light and cheesy then this Cheese ricotta Pasta is a perfect option for you. You can decorate this pasta with crushed cheese and chilli flakes.

4. Pancakes

Pancakes are the thing that will take your minimal effort and you can serve it with honey and banana too.

5. Chocolate brownies

The one thing that will be best to serve after dinner is chocolate fudge and this sweet dish will be filled with chocolate and will be the treat for your guests.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma