New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Dev Deepawali is celebrated every year on the full moon date of Kartik month, According to Hindi Panchang. Dev Deepawali is a tradition celebrated every year in Kashi. This year, Dev Deepawali will be celebrated on November 29 (Sunday). The festival of Dev Deepawali is celebrated as a symbol of the victory of Lord Shiva over Tripurasura. Dev Deepavali is also known as Tripurotsav or Tripurari Purnima. Read on to know what is the auspicious time and significance of the worship of Dev Diwali this year.

Dev Deepawali Pauranik Kathayein

1. The second story of Dev Deepawali is related to Lord Shiva. According to legend, at one time all three people were frightened and saddened by the atrocities of the demon named Tripura. The gods went to the shelter of Lord Shiva to protect him. Then Lord Shiva killed Tripurasura on the full moon date of Kartik month and freed the three worlds from his fear. From that day itself, the deity started celebrating Kartik Purnima every year as the victory festival of Lord Shiva. On that day all the devas light the lamp. This festival was called Dev Deepavali.

2. This story is related to Maharishi Vishwamitra. According to the legend, Vishwamitra ji once challenged the authority of the gods. With the help of his tenacity, he sent Trishanku to heaven. The gods were amazed to see this. Vishwamitra had challenged him in a way by doing this. To which, the gods started sending Trisanku back to Earth, which Vishwamitra considered his insult. He did not accept this defeat.

Then they stopped him in the air but with his power and started creating new heaven and creation. This made the gods afraid. He apologized for his mistake and started praising Vishwamitra to convince him. Eventually, the gods succeeded and Vishwamitra was pleased with their prayers. He stopped the creation of another heaven and creation. This pleased all the gods and on that day they celebrated Diwali, which is called Dev Diwali.

Posted By: Srishti Goel