New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: COVID-19 strain is barely sparing anyone and one of its primary symptoms, which people have been talking about since a year, is fever. Therefore, it is very important to take extra care and precaution at such difficult times since it is hard to distinguish between the symptoms of normal flu or COVID-19. So, here we are with a few tips on how to differentiate between the signs of coronavirus and milf flu. 

  • In case of COVID-19 infection many people are experiencing breathing difficulties. But this does not happen in case of a common flu. 
  • One tends to lose the sense of smell and taste when one has contracted coronavirus. Meanwhile, in case of flu, there is a loss of smell but still losing the sense of taste is rare.
  • COVID-19 infected people rarely have headache which is quite common in cases of flu. However, now  A person suffering from the corona virus does not have a headache problem, but a headache is common in the flu.
  • Nausea is again a common symptom in COVID-19 cases, however, that is rarely seen in flu.

Common symptoms of both COVID-19 and flue

- Chest pain

- Sore throat

- running nose

- fever

- Feeling tired

COVID-19 and fever

Having fever during COVID-19 is a normal symptom, but it is not necessarily common in every coronavirus patient. However, if you happen to have a fever above 100 degrees, then see your doctor and get yourself checked.

Try home remedies to stay fit amidst COVID-19 pandemic

1 . Drink tea with ginger, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon two to three times a day.

2 . If you do not want to drink tea, adding ginger, basil, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, salt, celery and drinking the decoction is also beneficial.

3 . Steaming two to three times a day is beneficial.

*Disclaimer: The signs and symptoms in the second strain of COVID-19 may vary from person to person. Feeling of headache, tastelessness and even no symptom can be a sign of coronavirus. Therefore, do consult your doctor before coming on to any conclusions.  

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal