New Delhi | Jagran Health Desk: Finally the vaccine is here to counter the fatal COVID-19 disease. But where many people are excited about the shots, many think that it is very risky to get one. Yes, apparently a lot of myths about the coronavirus vaccine are doing the rounds on the internet. So here we are to bust a few of the misconceptions which are rumoured to be true. 

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe

Fact: One of the most common and scariest thing which people are believing about this vaccine is that it is unsafe since it is prepared so early. But that's not true, Food and Drug Administration are following all the guidelines and safety standards. Therefore, this is safe and is being approved only after clinical trials.

Myth: Coronavirus vaccine has a tracking device 

Fact: It's untrue. Apiject Systems of America's products are in contract with the government to provide medical-grade injection devices for vaccines. But the chip is not transferred through the vaccine injection into a person. 

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine has allergic reactions 
Fact: It is true but rare. A good lot of people who have been vaccinated so far have not complained about any severe reactions but, they have experienced little side effects like headache, muscle pain etc. But the people who have contracted allergic reactions of the covid-19 vaccine are very minimal. 

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine makes women infertile

Fact: It is not true as experts say that the amino acid present in the vaccine is too short to actually affect a woman's fertility. Therefore, don't trust this myth, it is completely made up. 

Myth: There's no need of COVID-19 vaccine after being diagnosed with the virus

Fact: No, this one is also not true. If you have already contracted the coronavirus even then you can get vaccinated. As per experts, the immunity varies from one person to another and you never know how long someone is safe from COVID-19. Therefore, a person who has already contracted coronavirus can be benefitted from the vaccine.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal