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COVID-19 vaccination drive touches 100 crore mark: 5 myths about vaccines that need to be busted now

Here's listing out 5 biggest myths associated with COVID-19 vaccines which need to be busted right now. Scroll down to read more and get to know about the facts.

COVID-19 vaccination drive touches 100 crore mark: 5 myths about vaccines that need to be busted now

New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: In a major achievement, the cumulative vaccine doses administered in India on Thursday crossed the 100 crore mark. According to data shared by the Union Health Ministry, over 75 per cent of India's adult population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, with nine states and union territories (UTs) administering the first dose to all eligible people.

This vaccination drive was kickstarted by the government on January 16 this year where crores of people came out and received the necessary dosages from their nearby health centres. Though it was not as easy as it seems, this is because while there were a lot of people who thought it was important to get vaccinated, a section of them thought otherwise. They didn't only choose not to receive the COVID-19 dosages but also talked their friends and close ones out of it, all thanks to a few misconceptions.

Therefore, here we are with a list of 5 such biggest myths about COVID-19 vaccines which need to be debunked right now.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine can be unsafe since it was made too quickly.

Fact: The vaccines have been tried and tested under Food and Drug Administration process just like other types of vaccines to ensure the safety of the people. Getting developed quickly is no reason for COVID-19 vaccines to be unsafe as they have undergone proper clinical trials.

Myth: COVID-19 is not risky for me therefore, I don't need vaccination.

Fact: Until the second wave and even after that, a lot of people thought that COVID-19 only harms older adults. This misconception was in their minds for a long time which is not true. You never know how COVID-19 virus will behave once it gets into your body regardless of your age. Therefore, it is a wiser option for you to opt for vaccine not just for your safety but for the safety of the people near you as well.

Myth: There's no need to wear a mask after receiving COVID-19 vaccine.

Fact: This is untrue as there have been cases where people have transmitted COVID-19 even after getting double vaccinated. Therefore, following the basic protocol for coronavirus like wearing a mask, washing and sanitizing hands and maintaining social distancing is a must.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine induces COVID-19 virus.

Fact: This is the exact opposite of what the COVID-19 vaccine does. However, still, this myth was doing rounds on the internet which said if one received COVID-19 vaccine, they will definitely get coronavirus.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine is an invitation to other greater diseases.

Fact: A few side-effects have been reported in a lot of cases post receiving COVID-19 vaccines, but there is no such case of a big disease or illness reported after one has gotten vaccinated.

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