New Delhi| Jagran Health Desk: Due to the ongoing surge in coronavirus cases, the country has been grappling with the unavailability of oxygen. Social media is flooded with messages of people requesting oxygen refills and oxygen cylinders for their friends and family. However, many people are in-home quarantine and are treating and monitoring themselves and their oxygen level, here are some ways through which the oxygen levels can be improved:

1. Prone Position

This method is tried, tested and scientifically proven. In this method, a person needs to lie down with their chest raise, one pillow below their neck, one below the chest and two below the shins and they need to practice rapid breathing.

See how you can do it:

2. Drinking Healthy Fluids

A person needs to be hydrated and doing so can improve the oxygen levels. Drinking enough water can keep a person hydrated and it boosts the oxygen level as H2O is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atoms and that helps to improve the oxygen level.

3. Relaxation Techniques

People can practice yoga, relaxation exercise to calm their mind, body and soul. By practising relaxation exercises, the body becomes free and it helps to boost oxygen.

4. Breathing Exercises

There are different types of breathing exercises. One should practice it daily to improve their oxygen levels. By doing the breathing exercise, lung function gets improved and it also helps to relax one's mind and body.

5. By Consuming Iron-Rich Foods

To boost the oxygen level, one should consume iron-rich foods. The iron-rich food helps to boost the blood circulation in the body and it provides the oxygen to heart, lungs and other organs. By consuming iron-rich food, the oxygen level of a person gets boosted.

(Disclaimer: While the prone position is highly recommended by the doctors. However, Jagran English does not independently vouch for the results of these oxygen level boosting methods. Prior consultation to a doctor is advisable before following any of the above-mentioned tips.)

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma