New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The second wave of Covid-19 is rapidly striking the lungs of more and more people. This time the virus is affecting all age groups as compared to the first wave. In this situation, it is important to keep your lungs healthy that are an easy target of the virus leading to severe complications. Here are 5 ways you should know to keep your lungs fit to fight Corona. 

Breath Holding Exercises:

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) India Twitter page posted a video of lung excises that can be used to detect early signs of warning that Covid patients must always know to keep their lungs healthy and safe from the virus. The exercise requires holding breath as long as you can. First, take a deep breath and hold on to it for at least 30 seconds. Try to increase the time every day by 2-3 seconds. If you are able to hold the breath for over 12 seconds, it means your lungs are healthy.

Avoid exposure to pollution:

Exposure to pollution in the air can damage your lungs. It makes your lungs vulnerable to various infections and diseases. Studies have also suggested that air pollution could aggravate Covid-19 in people. It happens because the adverse effect of air pollution on your lungs can make room for the Coronavirus to affect it as well. For this reason, avoiding exposure to pollution is necessary.

Quit smoking:

Smoking also has an adverse effect on our lungs. Most lung diseases such as COPD or other respiratory issues like asthma are also caused by smoking. The chances of a smoker getting infected by the virus are more as compared to a nonsmoker. Hence, it should be avoided.

Add Protein to your diet:

According to experts when your body is recovering from the Coronavirus it needs more Nutrients to speed the recovery. Adding a protein-rich diet to your daily meal helps in building your immunity. Foods like apples, walnuts, berries, or broccoli help to keep your lungs healthy.

Follow precautions & prevent infection:

To best safeguard your lungs from the infection, you should follow the Covid protocols of regularly washing your hands and wearing a mask. Doing so prevents the virus from entering your body and thereby reaching the lungs. Get vaccinated if you are above 18 years and stay indoors until required.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan