New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: COVID-19 and its lockdowns and curfews have been hampering our normal life routine since a year now. Apart from coronavirus infection, many people are complaining of some or the other medical problems which they are facing due to staying at home for larger amount of times and not working out. Therefore, amidst this it is very necessary to exercise, as workout can help you stay fit physically as well as mentally. 

Although many people are trying their best to keep up with their share of physical activities through the day, but some of them are still figuring out whether or not to step out in order to walk, jog or run. Yes, many are in a dilemma that is working out at home is healthy or exercising in outdoors is a better option? So, here we are with a list of some pros and cons of exercising both outside and inside the house. Take a look:

Pros of exercising outdoors

  • Will help in destressing and relaxing your mood. 
  • Will help you gather fresh air.
  • Change of location will freshen up your mind.
  • Release of stress hormones can be controlled from exercising outdoors.
  • Will help you exposed to sunlight which provides Vitamin D that is good for bones.
  • Will lower the risk of osteoporosis  

Cons of exercising outdoors

  • Changing weather can not be very suitable.
  • Summer heat increases the chances of dehydration and exhaustion.
  • While in winter, it is risky to get infected with cold and fever.
  • Working out in areas where pollution levels are high can prove to be risky.
  • High chances of sunburn.
  • It is risky to step out during the ongoing global pandemic. Therefore, try and workout in the outdoor spaces which are within the premises of your home. 
Pros of exercising indoors
  • Risk of getting infected tones down as you'll be indoors.
  • Harsh weather or pollution will not be a hurdle.
  • With the latest workouts which happen through online apps, once can easily workout from indoors.
  • Fitness equipments can work wonders to support your exercising schedule by staying at home.
  • Convinient to start your workout any time. You won't be affected with rains, night, sun indoors.
Cons of exercising indoors
  • A lot of distraction can be happen whilwe working out from home. 
  • Lack of fresh air and sunlight can make you fall sick. 
  • May become deficient of Vitamin D.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal