New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic brought with it an unprecedented crisis of resources and newly-risen complications related to the Coronavirus infection. Experts have recently suggested that one among the symptoms of a severe COVID-19 infection could be gangrene.

Doctors say that Gangrene infection could come up much before the initial symptoms of Coronavirus infections start showing in one’s body, such as difficulty in breathing, fever. Delhi-based doctors have thus marked gangrene as a possible marker of COVID-19 infection.

What is gangrene?

Gangrene is a skin disease in which the tissues of skin start degenerating (or dying) due to lack of blood supply. The tissue damage can occur in fingers, toes and even in internal vital organs.

Why Doctors are calling gangrene a possible COVID-19 marker?

The conclusion is reportedly based on a study made by the doctors of Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, where doctors observed gangrene in a COVID positive patient much before the actual COVID symptoms started setting in.

Dr Manish Raval, an Ahmedabad-based vascular surgeon also told the media about the growing number of gangrene instances among COVID-19 patients.

"It is a new condition that Covid patients are suffering from lately. More so in the second wave of Covid. The immunity of Covid patients is reduced, which can lead to a variety of complications. One major complication that is being reported in our body is the coagulation of the system which controls the blood flow and keeps our blood in the liquid state,” Dr Raval was quoted as saying by India Today TV.

Apart from gangrene, India lately discovered a massive surge in once-rare Black fungus (mucormycosis) cases linked to post-COVID complications due to treatment with steroids, mainly among people suffering from comorbidities such as Diabetes. Till May 26, India has reported over 11,000 Black fungus cases from across the country.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan