New Delhi | Jagran Health Desk: Amidst the massive surge in coronavirus cases in the country, people are trying to take every precaution to protect themselves from the deadly pathogen. From sanitizing hands to wearing the double mask, people are doing every bit to ensure their safety in this testing time. Meanwhile, there is yet another concern of people regarding washing their vegetables and fruits in times of COVID-19.

According to World Health Organization, people should wash fruits and vegetables the same way they do in any other circumstances. In the FAQ, WHO also mentioned that currently there is no evidence that people can catch coronavirus from food, including fruits and vegetables.

It further read, "Fresh fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet and their consumption should be encouraged."

How should you wash fruits and vegetables in the time of coronavirus?

1. Before washing vegetables and fruits, wash your hands with soap and water

People should wash their hands properly with soap and water for 20 seconds and after that, you should wash the vegetables.

2. Wash your vegetables with clean water

You need to wash your vegetables and fruits in clean water and you can rub them with your hands to clean them. This is the simple and easiest way to clean fruits and vegetables.

Can coronavirus live on the surface of food packaging?

There is no evidence that the coronavirus can live on the surface of food packaging. According to WHO, "Coronavirus need a live animal or human host to multiply and survive and cannot multiply on the surface of food packages. It is not necessary to disinfect food packaging materials, but hands should be properly washed after handling food packages and before eating."

Talking about the coronavirus cases in the country, India reported 4,01,993 fresh cases of COVID-19 and 3,523 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma