New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The set of half-baked information going around COVID-19 has been nothing but unprecedented. Amongst that, the notion that Coronavirus can spread from animals to humans has been making rounds in the form of Whatsapp forwards. Following which reports started erupting from across the country about numerous instances of pet owners abandoning their pets.

Clarifying the rumours, top veterinarian Dr Sandeep Singh told news agency ANI that there is no document proving that COVID spreads from animals to humans. “COVID spread from animals to humans is a rumour. There's no document proving it. I've treated animals during the lockdown and haven't contracted the virus or any symptom from them. I've been counselling pet parents to not give away or abandon their pets,” Dr Sandeep Singh told news agency ANI.

Dr Ishwar Gilada, Consultant, Infectious Diseases, echoed what Dr Sandeep Singh said. While emphasising that no scientific proof exists to suggest the covid spread from domesticated animals to humans, Dr Gilada appealed people to not act on such pieces of misinformation.

“People without looking at any scientific proof started leaving their pets on streets. I appeal to people to not act on such misinformation and to not forward such messages on the transmission of COVID-19 from pet animals to humans,” Dr Gilada said.

In the first week of May amid the massive surge in COVID-19 cases due to the second wave of the pandemic, seven Asiatic lions in a Hyderabad zoo were reported to be infected with Coronavirus infection. Following this, several animal shelters in the country, notably in Delhi and Bhopal, reported the increased intake of abandoned pets.

The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change had further clarified that this shouldn’t be taken as the instance of animal to human or vice versa case. “Based on experience with zoo animals elsewhere in the world that have experienced SARS-COV2 positive last year, there is no factual evidence that animals can transmit the disease to humans any further,” the ministry had said in a statement.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan