New Delhi| Jagran Health Desk: As the nation has been witnessing a major surge in coronavirus cases, with daily cases breaching the mark of over 3.6 lakh cases. There are several concerns of people regarding the second wave of coronavirus and the rising death cases in the country. On Monday, India recorded 3,417 deaths in the last 24 hours. Amidst the surge in mortality rate in the country, several people have a common question regarding the death cases in the country.

Social media is flooded with questions of people asking that if there is a chance of sudden death due to COVID-19. To answer that, Doctor Avyakt Agarwal, Pediatrician and Neonatologist shared a video on Facebook in which he answered the common question and gave some tips that the coronavirus patients can follow.

In his video, Dr Avyakt Agarwal said that the deadly pathogen gives enough time to people so that they can protect themselves from coronavirus. He also said in the video that people can protect themselves from coronavirus by following the social distancing, wearing mask and washing hands for 30 seconds.

Talking about the sudden death due to coronavirus, he said that the chances of sudden death caused by COVID-19 are very rare. He also said that people do several mistakes and that becomes the reason for health complication when they are coronavirus positive.

What is the reason behind sudden death caused by coronavirus?

Dr Avyakt said that the chances of sudden death due to coronavirus is very rare. However, when the sudden death takes place due to coronavirus, the real reason behind it is that the deadly pathogen in the body forms blood clots. He further said that the blood clot is generally formed in the brain and heart and to avoid that people should take timely tests with the proper consultation of their doctor.

He also mentioned a few mistakes that people generally commit when they are COVID-19 positive:

1. People avoid the early signs of coronavirus

In the video, Dr Avyakt said that people generally avoid the early symptoms of coronavirus and they take it very lightly which leads to severe health complications.

2. People avoid taking the test for coronavirus

Dr Avyakt also said that people generally avoid taking the RTPCR test or antigen test, and they should take the test when they develop symptoms of coronavirus.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma