New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The second strain of COVID-19 is getting severe with each day and people all over the country are facing the wrath of the deadly virus. Therefore, amidst this, it gets very important to take care of your health even if one gets vaccinated. 

There have been a lot of myths which were busted about the symptoms and side effects of receiving the first and second dosage of vaccines. But now people are a little carefree post they are vaccinated. There are a few common things which are being neglected by many after they have been jabbed. 

Myth: Wearing mask is not necessary after getting vaccinated

Fact: The mask is your biggest protective shield at the moment. And even after vaccination, if you feel that you no longer need to wear a mask, then you are in a big confusion here. It is extremely important to follow the basic COVID-19 guidelines to ensure your safety as well as other's. Not just wearing a mask is a must but it is necessary to wear it in the right way. Put on your mask to cover your nose as well as your mouth. Double it with another mask as it is recommended by our experts that wearing two masks can protect you more. Also, make sure not to repeatedly touching the mask.

Myth: No need to follow social distancing after receiving the dosage of vaccines

Fact: It is a well-known fact by now that the effect of COVID-19 is also present in the air. And therefore it is even necessary to think twice before stepping out and meeting people. So, even if you have been vaccinated, don't think that you can't contract the virus. There have been a lot of cases that have come into light where despite receiving both the dosages of vaccines, people have been infected with COVID-19.

Myth: Maintaining hygiene and sanitizing your hands are not important once you are vaccinated

Fact: No, it's not true. When coming from outside, do clean hands after touching any surface. Washing your hands with soap and water and maintaining hygiene is very important even after getting vaccinated. Also, incase you don't have water, keep a sanitizer handy. 

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal